1. Agency ForYourArt: John Baldessari, School Bus and Billboards, For the LA Fund

    Los Angeles, CA 


    The public art component of Arts Matter, kicked-off by Barbara Kruger in October, continued with the work of artist John Baldessari. His project titled Learn To Dream, Aprende A Soñar (For the LA Fund) launched January 8, 2013, appearing for four weeks on twelve buses along with 48 other media assets including billboards, bus shelters, and other types of outdoor media throughout Los Angeles.

    Learn To Dream, Aprende A Soñar is the second flight of original works of art by world-renowned artists produced by ForYourArt for Arts Matter, a first of its kind, citywide public art exhibition and fundraising campaign to support arts and creativity in the nation’s second largest public school system.

    Presented by the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education (LA Fund) and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Arts Matter addresses the importance of arts education in Los Angeles public schools, the “creative capital of the world.”

    Baldessari’s bus artwork, with its yellow and black design, turned Los Angeles Metro buses into “school buses”. Baldessari‘s work provokes contemplation about what is and is not working in education today and challenges us to plan for a better future. His bilingual text, rendered in the artist’s hand, inspires thinking and dialogue among and about Los Angeles’ diverse audiences. 

    “Here in the world’s creative capital we need to ensure all of our students receive a comprehensive, integrated arts education,” states Megan Chernin, founding Chair and CEO of the Los Angeles Fund for Public Education. “Los Angeles cannot take the creative economy for granted.  Major LA employers like Mattel, a worldwide leader in hiring creative people, are joining this campaign because they understand the direct connection between arts integration in the classroom and a thriving creative workforce.”

    “John Baldessari’s project brings art to the public with multiple access points for diverse audiences. As the buses move throughout Los Angeles, we are reminded that society’s values are communicated and learned via public space and shared movement,” said ForYourArt founder Bettina Korek.


    About Arts Matter

    Arts Matter is an unprecedented campaign to revitalize arts education in the nation’s second largest school district. The campaign brings together the world’s leading artists and thought leaders to drive public awareness for the critical role of arts education in public schools. Please visithttp://lafund.org/#arts-matter for more information.

    Project Credits:
    Part of Arts Matter Presented by The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education and LAUSD
    Public Art Exhibition Produced by ForYourArt
    Creative Producer: Bettina Korek
    Producer: Karen Constine
    Graphic Design: Julia Luke
    Brienne Arrington, Claire de Dobay Rifelj, Virginia Gatelein, Rashell George, Stacy Bach, Alex Israel, Patricia Kennedy, Karen Marta, Alex Miller, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Sarah Williams. CBS Outdoor, METRO and Zenithmedia.


    John Baldessari, Learn To Dream, Aprende A Soñar (Bus, billboard, and outdoor media for the LA Fund), 2012. © John Baldessari


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